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What Student Says


Culinary college real asset is intangible things, like hospitality. I believe the teachers are the real asset of Culinary College and I am not just talking about the one who teaches you but also executives, coordinators, managers and even the discipline in charge. And the teachers here make sure they give individual attention to each and everyone and help you to work on your strength and weaknesses. In a nutshell, I am confident that I will not just get an degree but I am a part of a huge loving family where everyone is an inspiration.

Pradeep Bachati
(sous chef at Marriott International) Dubai Batch 2006-07

The best thing about culinary college is the sense of freedom and independence you get. In the years, I have become a much more independent person and take control over my learning. Working with different group of friends during projects gave me an opportunity of working as a team and coming up as a good team player each time.

Rajeev Painuly
(Manager Royal Court Kingdom of Bahrain) Batch 2004-07

Culinary college is a place that helps overall growth of an individual, from personal to professional level. With the guidance of amazing teachers and staff members, students are in the good hands to help them excel their career in the Hospitality Industry. So far, for the past years, time spent at Culinary College has been very amazing for me. It has helped me get out of my comfort zone while doing anything and showed me how fun it can be to take risks and succeed. It’s all because of the school and the guidance of teachers, Rest assured, an individual’s outgoing personality will definitely develop at Culinary college with time. Culinary college gives opportunity to every single student equally.

Sanjay Rangarh
Head Sushi Chef at Wok n Rock, Japnese rest, Kuwait (Session 2004-05)

Culinary college has been able to establish itself as one of the preferred school in uttarakhand among students wishing to continue their career in Hospitality Management. Culinary college remaining as one of the best hospitality college of the country is imparting quality education who will be, outstanding in the competitive world of tomorrow and be well prepared to serve the nation. These wide varieties of educational services provide students with choice to pick the degree and core structure that fits their interest and expectations. Studying at culinary college has been a life changing experience to me. It is a good place for anyone who is looking for developing individuality.

Suriybhan Singh
sous chef at The Westin Pune Koregaon Park (Session 2004-05)

Culinary college adopts a participatory method of teaching and learning vigorous participation from both the students and teachers. A careful blend of traditional classroom learning more contemporary tools and techniques of learning is a key to increasing overall learning efficiency. Studying at Culinary College has given me the right kind of a start to the future in hospitality. Culinary college focuses on quality rather than quantity. Constant support from the faculty and friendly atmosphere of the college has helped me a lot to excel both as a student and as a human being. Days at Culinary College could be a bed of roses but there are so many battles to be fought and won in life

Sen bakery chef commi 2 at Nuage Patisserie & Cafe (Session 2004-05)

My sincere gratitude to Culinary college for providing me Job opportunity at Hotel J.W Marriott. Thank you Culinary College for the endless support.

Varsha Singh
Commi 2 at Jaipur Marriott Hotel (Session 2004-05)

Currently I am working as Chefs in Carnival Cruise Line-MIAMI,FLORIDA-USA. I had always dreamt of working in this department and I actually got a chance to work in the area that I prefer. I am learning a lot as I have been meeting and interacting with different new people from different countries. Now, I’ve come to realize why my teachers of culinary college used to be so hard on us while teaching as well as performing front office practical. It is not as easy as we think.

Harinder Basera
Chefs at Carnival Cruise Line MIAMI, FLORIDA-USA

I have a very vivid memory of my Job as Steward in Royal Caribbean International. It approached me to the reality of the hospitality industry and made me resilient, accountable, and focused in the journey I have embarked. I know exactly what it takes to grow in this industry. Forever thankful to Culinary college of Hotel Management and I count myself lucky to be the part of it.

Ashok Kumar
Steward at Cruise Royal Caribbean International

My journey started with Hyatt regency banglore and now working with Hotel Marriott, Kathmandu through Culinary college. The hospitality management knowledge that Culinary college furnished me with, has really shaped me become the person I am today. I am where I am today because of my beloved college. Recently I started my journey with Four Seasons Doha and my education successfully led me to complete task force at the main restaurant.

Vicky Airy
Commil 1 Marriott Hotel, Kathmandu