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Founders Message


Dear Students,
It gives me immense pleasure in inviting you to begin a career in the worldwide Hospitality Industry with endless employment opportunities through the Culinary College of Hotel Management. I welcome you to the Culinary College of Hotel Management with pride. With our humble beginnings with a handful of students 17 years ago, we have crossed a pretty long journey. Today Culinary College of Hotel Management is a name to surmise the fond memories of their alma mater, it is a college whose graduates are successful hoteliers and entrepreneurs, not only in INDIA but all around the world.

Culinary College of Hotel Management strongly believes in providing education by equipping our students with skills, confidence, and a positive approach with an all-around development. The College is constantly and relentlessly encouraging students not only to pursue and thrive for academic excellence but also to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. An inclusive and student-centric environment at Culinary College of Hotel Management nurtures creativity, passion, resilience, and leadership qualities. From the time student is enrolled at Culinary College of Hotel Management, we focus on their attitudinal development to make them a global citizen with compassion and attentiveness. They not only grow up to be the finest hospitality personnel, equipped with sound knowledge but we help groom an individual who not only becomes a leader but a team player.

Our team continuously works towards enhancing each individual's strength by simultaneously teaching new international trends, techniques, and skills.


I am extremely proud of our team of faculty and staff at Culinary College of Hotel Management who share our values and culture. Our team is hands-on teachers who strongly believe in nurturing and at the same time developing the value of Freedom with Responsibility, Culinary College of Hotel Management always welcomes change and we are also proud to be a trendsetter here in INDIA.

My Objective

We are partnered with government and non-government bodies and have conducted several projects to the uplift livelihood of locals with skill development programs. Our short-term programs are targeted to youth who may not be academically inclined but have the passion and capacity to perform in their chosen field. Once again, thank you for choosing Culinary College of Hotel Management. Your exciting journey begins now. And I assure you, these will be the best, most productive and memorable years of your lifetime.
I would like to welcome you personally at the Culinary College of Hotel Management Thank you.